November 22, 2017

Bananagrams Tiles and Book for Kids

Fun Combination of Word Games and Puzzles

Bananagrams, the letter-tile game that is similar to Scrabble, is the better game in my opinion because of its fast pace. Players don't need to wait for their turns to come around. They just keep playing until they run out of tiles.

Games go in and out of favor in my family, so Bananagrams had been gathering dust recently. But then a few days ago, my ten-year-old brought the Banagrams for Kids book home. It has fun word puzzles at several levels of difficulty. This book, along with the tiles, has become our pre-bedtime play for the past few days. We are not about to quit.

I like that it naturally teaches vocabulary, spelling and chunking skills with letters and words--all through play.

Level One Puzzle
Level Four Puzzle
The game-and-book set would make a great Christmas gift if you want to make learning fun for your kids. If you have the letter tiles, you don't need to write in the book.

What kind of word games do you play with your children or students? Share in the comments!