May 17, 2015

Good Night, Gorilla: A Teacher's Review

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Good Night, Gorilla is, without a doubt, the most requested readaloud at my preschool. Besides "good night," there are only ten other words in the book, but that belies the richness of the conversations and the possibilities for learning that the book provides. Every time I read this with the children, they discover something new, and new questions arise. Among the many wonderful surprises in Good Night, Gorilla are the pictorial nods to other standards of early childhood like Curious George, Babar, and Sesame Street.

"Good Night, Gorilla" could be the first book your child "reads"

The pictures in this book are bright and simple, yet extremely detailed on a closer look. Children want to see it over and over. Because they see it so many times and the few words are either repeated over and over ("good night") or have strong visual cues (names of animals), before long children as young as two or three can "read" this book. Being able to read a whole book instills confidence and an appetite for reading.

Good Night, Gorilla Video - A teaser of the Scholastic production

"I wanted to teach sign language to gorillas, but after taking a class in signing, I realized what I'd rather do was draw pictures of gorillas." --Author Peggy Rathmann

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